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October 30 2017

i’m sleepy and drunk

@bossofmenow I didn’t call my ex, are you proud of me

October 29 2017

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taylor swift watched donnie darko once and decided none of her videos will make sense on the first watch anymore

she held my hand backstage and i wanted to cry; is this the closest i’ll ever get to her?

should i call my ex

i’m so sad, i really wanna die

i wanna overdose but my show starts in thirty minutes and my hair isn’t done and i’m not in costume

October 28 2017

remember when taylor went to ellen’s haunted house, good times

i miss being loved and playful teasing and comfort

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i’m sorry, the old sydney can’t come to the phone right now


i have a single dream and it is for taylor alison swift to refer to me as “bitch” i am a simple girl of simple requests

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*insert the best lyric on reputation here that is currently unknown but in less than two weeks we’ll know*

have a good weekend guys. i bought knee high boots today so i feel like i’m taylor 2.0!!!!


taylor logging into tumblr at 11:55 PM on november 9, 2017:

hello i am so hungover

going to beed, so much rum and vodka warm and sleepy now good night

i’m so fuckin drunk

October 27 2017

your touch comforts me, i worry so much about you and how you’re doing that sometimes i forget how much i enjoy you. those moments are nice, even if it never goes further

i’m kinda drunk but i just saw the video and wow, the lighting was great, the whole video is fuckin pretty goddamned cool

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