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May 21 2018

I lost my bag and my dad found it and now I’m scared bc idk if there are drugs in there or not

May 02 2018

guess who just had a callback for a lead in a new HBO series???? it’s the same person who doesn’t get to see Taylor in Santa Clara this month :(

April 27 2018

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2017 Meme [2 actresses]
↳ Lindsey Morgan

I’ve always loved the arts, drawn to it naturally. But I’d fluctuate as a person from being outgoing and extrovert to shy and timid. Actors always appeared so brave to me. Brave to be so exposed and vulnerable and beautiful. I knew if I could learn to be brave like them, it would make me the person I always wanted to be.


me: hey can i listen to an audio post?

tumblr: no and fuck you

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someone: oh you’re bi! but if you had to choose would you choose boy or girl?

me: um don’t be ignorant that’s not how bisexuality works tf

me, internally, without hesitation: girls

April 20 2018

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This is my last two brain cells

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I’m trying not to read the lyrics so I get to experience it myself

ok it says album only and if I preorder the album I don’t know if I get the song still 


if yall have a link to the song are are instead posting lyrics that nobody else can listen to that’s rude as hell


i basically let a dog make out with me and i have no regrets

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all these years thinking my natural hair is ugly…imagine being so wrong🤦‍♀️

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omg im probably late and i barely post anything here jsskkd but hi malaysian swiftie here since 2009 💖🖤💖🖤

give me the song please

where can I listen to the song fml

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ayyeee, she’s colored and she’s cute!

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not only do i love taylor swift!! i also love being mexican!!

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already posted these but it’s poc selfie night and i love being latina so ✨

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