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August 06 2017

she doesn’t love me the way i want her to and i have to fuckin accept that

August 03 2017

i’m going to “prom” friday with my friend who i’m not so secretly in love with

i saw atomic blonde tonight and charlize kicks a lot of ass


you know what? the years really do start coming and they really don’t stop coming

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August 02 2017

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oh my god I was casually scrolling twitter and I saw THIS SIGN I MADE AT MY OLD JOB?? that somehow MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER SAW AND POSTED?? I did a double take when I saw it omg I made this stupid sign as a joke to advertise socks

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Tatiana Maslany & the cast of Orphan Black accepting the Emmy for lead actress in a drama

Best thing I’ve seen today

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u 100% do not have to do that 

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them: you know, it’s hard to date you, because you’re always taking and captioning brooding pictures of your chicken


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Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

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