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October 01 2017

my heart hurts

September 30 2017

go away for a little while, away from me and love and pity

my heart hurts and i want everyone to leave me

September 29 2017

my heart hurts and we only exist in our dreams

September 24 2017

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Mystery Inc. as cryptid hunters

Pixar’s 22 Rules for Writing

harry potter is FAKE




set in the 90s but there were 0 (zero) chokers or butterfly clips explain to me This

“Parvati scowled and removed a large ornamental butterfly from the end of her plait” (pg. 247, The Goblet of Fire)

I want to imagine that some fan got so heated over this post that they literally went through every single book, page by page, until they found something to fire back with.

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what are we going to do about north ikea

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She’s dead. I killed her.

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*checking my mood ring* it says i love girls



listen, there is absolutely nothing that gets me going like mutual seemingly unrequited pining like? i live for both people losing their minds over the other person in bitter silence. savoring every single accidental brush of their fingers, elbows, thighs, every stray glance, memorizing every gesture or expression they catch while the other isn’t looking, all while being absolutely convinced that it’s one-sided only to finally!! finally find out it wasn’t in a triumphant moment of bliss after years and years of delicious, soul-rending, torturous, heart-wrenching pining. i literally don’t care about the fact that this trope is predictable af and always plays out the same way i will still go wild over it every single time like they’ll be doing the same reveal scene i have seen a million times and i’m still on the edge of my seat gasping “are they gonna kiss???”


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on the move collecting numbers, imma take your girl out 💖

i only have strong feelings of distaste 

September 21 2017

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bitch i know i’m here for the good stuff

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