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February 03 2018

message me or kik me @fakesadgay

oh i’m also going to get a huge tattoo that says “asking for it” because that’s what my mom told me about my consensual/nonconsensual tryst with a 46 year old man who will give me an allowance if i cave and see him again

i want to believe this chapter of my life will be over soon but every day, something new and awful happens

i can’t regulate emotions and i’m so angry all the time

“fuck you, i have borderline personality disorder” is not a good excuse for every single situation ever

i’ve been awake all night because i was severely anxious about this lame birthday party i threw one of my friends last night and i have a callback for a shakespeare show today but i don’t wanna go, i wanna die

i literally hate pretty much everyone in the theatre department and i don’t even have a person to stick close to. i don’t think i can be around these people sober (or watch their shows sober)

January 31 2018

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The ULTIMATE sprinkled donut. 

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It’s a human insult. It’s devastating.

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And we still got our plan, right? To be free?

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January 30 2018


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bukkake is technically a baby shower

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